Amcom Software: Improving Safety with Smarter Communications

Brian Edds, VP, Product Strategy
Stanford University Medical Center, a well-known name in healthcare, was using timeconsuming methods to process phone calls. Operators had to look up contacts in the paper directory each time they needed to connect to the right person, which slowed response. Amcom Software deployed its contact center and mobile technology, which not only helped operators route calls to the right people, but also enable them to assess the gravity of a situation before routing the call.

Ensuring smooth communications when every second counts and peoples’ lives are at stake is a priority for organizations in every industry. Amcom Software, based in Eden Prairie, MN, offers critical communication solutions for organizations that depend on speed, accuracy, and productivity to support day-to-day business continuity and time-sensitive communications. The company connects people to each other and to the data they need—helping public safety call centers dispatch assistance quickly to 911 callers; hotels and resorts to protect guest and employee safety while offering unique amenities; and doctors and nurses to coordinate care quickly and effectively via secure, mobile communications. “Our solutions are built for reliability, security of information, and timeliness – helping organizations save lives when effective communications make the difference,” says Colin Balmforth, President, Amcom Software.

Amcom has developed intelligent solutions that support critical communications in everyday workflows. In healthcare, the goal is to achieve well-coordinated patient care, and ultimately satisfied patients. For example, Amcom’s clinical alerting solution helps hospitals achieve their ‘quiet’ initiatives or ‘Shhh campaigns’. Alerts about patients’ test results, nurse call requests, changes in vitals, and more can be sent to the right care givers’ mobile devices, minimizing the background noise of machines buzzing and beeping.
Colin Balmforth, President
And if an emergency message is sent to someone who isn’t available, the message will be automatically routed to the appropriate next-available staff member for response. All messages and responses are logged, making them available for auditing and process review. “Our solutions go deep into the workflow of departments by integrating with patient and emergency systems, phones, devices running any platform and connected to Wi-Fi, LAN, WAN or mobile data, and more to give a holistic approach to emergency situations,” says Brian Edds, VP, Product Strategy, Amcom Software.

Helping Your Organization Improve Critical Communications

The right communication infrastructure is also important for 911 dispatchers who field emergency calls and need to get first responders to a 911 caller quickly. Many lives depend on the capabilities of the technology in place. Amcom’s enhanced 911 public safety solution pinpoints the exact building, floor, and room of a 911 caller in a large building or multi-building area, and also enables onsite security to listen in and direct first responders to the person needing help.

Thousands of organizations worldwide rely on Amcom’s solutions for workflow improvement, secure texting, contact center optimization, and public safety response. The company’s products are used by leading organizations in healthcare, hospitality, education, business, and government.

Amcom Software

Eden Prairie, MN

Brian Edds, VP, Product Strategy and Colin Balmforth, President

Amcom Software, a subsidiary of USA Mobility, helps organizations save lives with communications that are faster, more accurate, and more efficient