BellEse Technologies: Shortening Process Feedback Loops to Achieve Mission-Critical Goals

Pam Offutt, Partner & CDO
Enterprises in the public sector are trying to part with traditional waterfall systems development lifecycle to build and maintain new age enterprise systems in favor of leaner and more agile software development lifecycle processes. Inflexible contracting and funding environments of the sector is hindering this transition—turning the software development programs into process heavy endeavors filled with process overhead, duplication of efforts and inefficient results. The challenges are further complicated with involvement of multiple contractors who have urgent and potentially conflicting contract goals to be met. Coming to the rescue is the Owings Mills, MD based BellEse Technologies that offers agile and lean process management services for its clients’ software development life cycles to meet mission-critical goals. “Our teams work closely with Government agencies to help modernize systems, utilizing technologies that adhere to the office of the CIO standards to ensure compliance, security and proper integration,” says Pam Offutt, Partner and Chief Delivery Officer, BellEse Technologies.

BellEse Technologies’ team of software engineers and solution architects provides efficient software engineering and development services that support fully iterative development lifecycle processes, including requirement analysis, design and modeling; agile development methods; automated unit, system and integration testing; and, software configuration management.

The company assists its clients throughout development, testing, and release of software products. In the current scenario of complex platforms running multiple systems, there is a need for dedicated resources to oversee the integration and flow of development, testing, deployment, and support of these systems. BellEse Technologies’ Agile Release ManagerTM (ARM- addresses these challenges. The tool helps track development activities and allows clients to model what-if scenarios and various process models with various contractor participants, to know which model minimizes the process tax and optimizes development plans.
“We offer visibility into the time spent on release processes in the form of release models, and help our customers adopt lean processes through various agile models based on our customer’s environment and need,” says John duClos, Managing Partner, BellEse Technologies.

The company also offers expert software engineering services, including Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) solutions, which is an architectural approach to departmental or enterprise system integration, enabling loose coupling of operating systems, programming languages, COTS and custom developed solutions.

BellEse Technologies stays at the forefront of innovation with the power of its team. The company’s professionals bring over 25 years of experience in lean software development process optimization, software engineering and program management to address the needs of Government, Healthcare, Financial, Manufacturing and Media sectors. “We demonstrate how the software development processes can be streamlined, and our expertise lies in developing agile software engineering and agile project management that will shorten the feedback loops in the public sector software projects—integrating project managers and contractors into one team that work towards one common goal,” says duClos.

With its expertise, the company has won accolades on public sector projects. It was awarded a sub-contract on the Project Management/Business Requirements (PMBR), the CROWN and the ESRD Quality Incentive Programs at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). The PMBR contract provides Project and Program Management, development of business requirements, and governance for all system development supporting programs within the Office of Clinical Standards and Quality (OCSQ) at the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare, while the CROWN and QIP contracts are full lifecycle software development contracts. The company is helping CMS to determine the most efficient and effective plans for system implementation to support programs within CCSQ.

Going forward, the company plans to continue its drive towards lean process management, lean program management, and agile practices within the public sector. “We will also release new tools that will bet ter optimize software engineering for the benefit of public agencies,” says duClos.

BellEse Technologies

Boston, MA

Pam Offutt, Partner & CDO and John duClos, Managing Partner

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