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CIO VendorHubin Jiang, President & CEO
Ecompex has a full range of services that integrate multiple professional service disciplines, with the flexibility for all contract types, and pricing at the task order level. Ecompex spans many areas of expertise which include: Program and Project Management, Management Consulting, Administrative, Professional Services and Records Management.Historically, government agencies have maintained paper-based offices with rows of filing cabinets. Ironically, even in today’s ‘connected’ era, most of these offices depend on the same methodology that involves a huge task of handling files, along with retrieving, and transferring the information in them. Ecompex, a company that provides comprehensive information management services, support local, state, and federal government in these matters, easing out their workload related to the massive amounts of paperwork.

Headquartered in Reston, VA, Ecompex helps federal clients address the challenges related to managing compliance issues, maintaining a tie between security and communications, adopting new technological product or service, and managing financial planning and reporting. The company’s range of services integrates multiple professional service disciplines with the flexibility for all contract types, and pricing at the task order level. This includes program and project management, management consulting, administrative and professional services, financial management services and ancillary support services. They are provided using a complete spectrum of accurate life-cycle representation in all professional services for Federal, State and Local Government, Department of Defense and Military, Healthcare, Financial, Litigation and Administrative Industries.

With nearly two decades of expertise, the company currently sees most traction in effective process-based program and project management. Hubin Jiang, President and CEO, Ecompex says, “Our program management methodology is to provide experienced Program Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Professionals (PMPs) and appropriate Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to support Government Program Management Offices (PMOs) to execute against the full suite of the Information Technology acquisition life cycle from cradle-to-grave.”
This methodology will ensure the delivery of high-quality and timely results in a broad variety of organizational functions and efforts. The firm also assists its clients’ operational, financial and project management needs by developing innovative solutions or taking full responsibility for the implementation of project. Ecompex’s financial management services include the planning, directing, monitoring, organizing, and controlling of the monetary resources of an organization. Apart from this, the company’s Administrative and Professional Service provides all the specialists required to fit the positions of managers to assistants.

Ecompex along with its artificial intelligence and service-oriented architecture tool eDocWiz is the key to facilitate accurate decision making in today’s information savvy age. Along with products like eDocWiz, the company’s other offerings in its Ancillary Support Services and Products area facilitate records management, document imaging, automated document and data processing, coding and digitization and imaging production and workflow.

“We hire the best talents with unique set of skills, knowledge, and abilities for a particular Federal Contracting position,” says Jiang. This in turn reflects in superior quality, innovation, flexibility and responsiveness in every project it undertakes. Ecompex works with a multitude of agencies including General Services Administration, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Transportation, National Security Agency, Government Printing Office, Department of Defense, Department of Justice, and Department of the Army among others.

The success of Ecompex is well reflected in its work with the U.S. Department of the Interior, where Ecompex offered program management services to coordinate DOI Imaging Requirements, NARA requirements, and technical information from a multitude of other sources. The company provided client with specific guidance, information, and training to administer the end-to-end services. The satisfied client gained high quality reporting for their management that was in full compliance with NARA.

Going forward, Ecompex plans to turn itself into a high quality, sought after federal contractor. The ongoing efforts of company are focused on this goal. “Keeping up with the ideas and principles Ecompex should become a mid-tier federal contractor in the foreseeable future,” wraps up Jiang.


Reston, VA

Hubin Jiang, President & CEO

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