IMEX Systems: Driving Next Generation of Smart Governments and Smart Cities

Damodar Arapakota, President & CEO
Seamless conveyance of information and efficient delivery of services has always been a challenge for government organizations of any size due to their complexity and multichannel nature. Though e-Government and electronic services delivery can be a game changer in this regard, due to the costs involved, many of the government agencies have not been able to take advantage of these systems. Imex, a company that specializes in offering solutions and services to government agencies, has taken on this challenge and created an e-government platform that is elegant, user friendly, easy to implement, and highly cost effective. “By providing anytime, anywhere, any channel, any device convenience for citizens to access government services and information, and enabling government staff to reciprocate efficiently and reliably, Imex has created the platform from which Smart Governments can evolve,” says Damodar Arapakota, President and CEO, Imex Systems.

Imex turns a number of departmental systems within a government into a single enterprise system for end-to-end service delivery, allowing for a better understanding of the citizen’s interaction with the government. Business and Management Consulting services, Payment Systems, and Cloud solutions are the main offerings of the firm. Imex’s Business and Management Consulting services help sharpen business focus and setup effective business processes and identify effective technology solutions to fulfill business goals. The company’s payment systems help governments to better manage their revenue using a variety of payment methods and technologies—from traditional cash transactions to cutting edge mobile payments. Finally, the company’s onpremise and cloud solutions help every Government from a small township to a large federal government, whether it is an advanced economy or an emerging one, to better manage their data.

Imex’s products and services are built on a single integrated customer service delivery platform—iGov, which helps to optimize and automate internal business processes to provide services through multiple channels such as web, mobile, contact center, in-person, IVR or Kiosk systems.
Many governments have developed silos due to haphazard reactions to citizens’ demand, and need to face the reality that internal communication and streamlining processes between departments and services is the first step toward a truly “smart” approach. Once this ideology takes hold, iGov is an effective vehicle of transformation, allowing for the integration of disparate departmental systems, people and processes, and create a single point of interaction for the public.

We Integrate people, process, and technology to provide a citizen centric and efficient service

“Any forward thinking government trying to improve the way they deliver public services is a prime candidate for our smart government solutions,” says Damodar. The company distinguish themselves from the rest by eliminating integration challenges and creating solutions that are scalable for future growth and expansion. The citizen centric pre-built integrated service delivery platform that can be configured for any size, services, and channels, enhances user experience for the citizens, while improving internal operational efficiency for the government. Also with its mobile’s inherent multichannel nature, Imex is able to integrate iGov with various telecom providers and mobile wallets, providing a true mobile Government.

Going forward, with offices in Canada, U.S., and the Middle East, Imex aims to be recognized as a global player in the industry. “We will continue to refine the iGov platform and focus on cutting edge technologies for smart governments and smart cities to help improve customer service and operating efficiencies,” Damodar concludes.

IMEX Systems

Toronto, Canada

Damodar Arapakota, President & CEO

A company that recognize government challenges and helps to align and integrate people, processes, technology to become efficient, and citizen centric