NOVA Corporation: IT Infrastructure Services to Deliver Network and Data Reliability

John Snider, President & CEO
With the growing need for digital real estate, there is a huge demand for data center services from across the industries that come with newfangled challenges. NOVA Corporation acknowledges this existence of various strains that are counterproductive towards industry advancements and implements its meaningful services to curb the issues that are hindering the industry development. The company eaningfully tackles the optimization requirements of data centers and the problems related to dynamic nature of cyber terrorism attacks with a range of cost effective services.

Headquartered in Window Rock, AZ, NOVA Corporation is a professional IT services company owned by the Navajo Tribe that specializes in network and enterprise services, comprehensive data center solutions, along with cyber security and managed services. With these integrated solutions, the company assures the security of networks and frees the valuable IT staff to focus on more critical, strategic activities. NOVA Corporation’s data centers have become the primary resource to address the burgeoning demand for providing services to end users—from ordinary citizens to the war fighters. The company performs operations for data and network security on Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Vulnerability Management Systems (VMS), and penetration testing. In addition to that, NOVA Corporation also monitors and mitigates, and handles Information Assurance Vulnerability Alerts (IAVAs).

Bringing more than 18 years of strategic leadership and government experience to ensure NOVA’s success and deliver value to the Diné Nation, John Snider, CEO of NOVA Corporation explains, “Our experience and performance brings an Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)- aligned portfolio of services to deliver network and data reliability and availability.” He envisions NOVA Corporation being a flagship company for other Native American corporations that are seeking to join the IT services industry.

The major factor that differentiates NOVA Corporation from its drive for customer satisfaction is that it is a commercial entity that represents and is wholly-owned by the Navajo Tribe. Adding to it, the company has earned specialized certifications and also has a solid management team, staff and consultants that have combined hundreds of years of industry experience.

Having a staff that is in-tune with the dynamic nature of the industry is crucial to being able to anticipate the information needs of our clientele

“Having a staff that is in-tune with the dynamic nature of the industry is crucial to being able to anticipate the information needs of our clientele,” says Snider.

Across a wide spectrum of information technology services, NOVA Corporation serves Federal, DoD, and commercial customers. Its primary clientele to date has been the Department of Defense (DoD), Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), Department of Energy (DoE). One of the best examples of

NOVA Corporation’s cyber expertise is the work for one of its customers that uncovered an insider threat which had been operating unknown for many years within the customer environment. Due to the security posture and cyber analysis implemented by NOVA Corporation’s personnel, the client was able to uncover this threat within the first month of undertaking NOVA on the job.

“With the growing need for digital real estate, we see a high potential in providing data center services,” states Snider. NOVA Corporation will be opening its first data center this year, located in Albuquerque, NM. This data center is a culmination of expertise from increasing efficiency and decreasing vulnerability at various data centers across the country. Along with utilizing a major portion of its new data center to its full potential—for commercially-available high performance computing and data center space—NOVA also plans to leverage the area to provide IT certifications and training to employees and Navajo students.

NOVA Corporation

Window Rock, AZ

John Snider, President & CEO

A company that specializes in Network and Enterprise Services, Data Center Optimization, Cyber Security, and Managed Services