Project Remedies: Remedy Based Project Management Solutions for Enterprise Resource Management

Budget constraints are forcing companies and government agencies to efficiently manage IT costs without compromising technology and quality. Handling cost and workflow, particularly streamlining and operationalizing processes, and managing resources, have become the need of the hour. Project Remedies, headquartered in Pacific Palisades, CA, provides Process, Project Resource and Cost Management solutions on BMC Remedy that assist its clients manage to these goals. “Managing costs involve managing people and the work they are doing. We combine quality applications with unique and essential functionality for cost-effective process, project, resource and cost management,” explains Stan Feinstein, Founder and President since 1993, Project Remedies.

We know that the only way projects get finished is to manage them. While large projects are typically managed by trained project managers, small projects are managed by team leaders, so any enterprise application has to be easy enough for team leaders to use. Project Remedies’ flagship product, Action Program Manager Plus (APM Plus) ™, provides the ‘nuts and bolts’ of integrated process, project, program and portfolio management combined with resource, risk and cost management in Remedy environments. APM Plus can track and manage tasks across the enterprise and capture the time involved on all Remedy tasks, not just project tasks.

What are you doing about it? -We are about managing the fixes

Another key offering, the Cyber Action Suite ™, integrates with the Remedy Asset Management application. The combination 1) tracks incidents and events; 2) manages people, their technology, the roles they play, their clearances, training, credentials and accounts related to each person, 3) the assets affected, and 4) all remediation activities. This is the same functionality needed for managing a Bring Your Own Device(BYOD)/ Mobile strategy.
Stan Feinstein, Founder & President
“Utilizing the Remedy workflow platform differentiates our application offerings,” says Feinstein. This leverages our client’s investments in Remedy, installs in hours and integrates easily with legacy Remedy applications eliminating duplicate efforts and silos This has earned the company a great clientele including the National GeoSpatial Intelligence Agency, Calloway Golf, Universal Studios and JP Morgan Chase.

In an interesting case study, a major financial services organization’s network operations center with 250 employees faced a quality problem. They were doing a Six Sigma initiative and had to improve their processes. The company had spent more than a year defining their processes and months training their employees, but realized that without a tracking system, they had no idea of what the people would actually do. While technicians could be trained in the processes, management needed to see that the work would be done the right way. They also wanted to capture the metrics necessary to measure improvement and cost savings.

To solve this issue, the company implemented APM Plus, loaded their processes into APM Plus as work templates, and used them to generate project plans automatically. When notified by the system, each field tech would work the task, status the task, enter his time against the task, and update the related asset record. This improved customer service through improved communication, better staff utilization and gave management visibility into staff performance and costs.

As for the future, “we have plans to expand our reach into the government market by partnering with experienced government consulting firms, distributors and other software vendors that have additive functionality,” concludes Feinstein.

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Stan Feinstein, Founder & President

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