Robinson Group Consulting, Inc. (RGC): Strategic Consulting, Bottom-Line Results

Alana Ward Robinson, President & CEO What is RGC?

When Alana Ward Robinson established Robinson Group Consulting in 2004, she did so with the intent of leveraging her extensive experience and practical, results-oriented approach to drive profitable growth and operational efficiency for the clients. With over 30 years as a Technology, Strategy and Operations Executive with top Fortune 500 firms, Alana and her team provide strategic consulting, project management and program implementation to a wide range of organizations, including nonprofits, colleges and universities, as well as major corporations.

RGC partners with its clients to complement their management teams and related business strategies in Information Technology (IT), Finance and Accounting. In addition, their work often leads to the strengthening of team effectiveness and performance. Engagements have included enterprise technology solutions, business process redesign, organizational change management, human capital management, project management and application development.

RGC creates value for its clients by delivering a return on technology and operational investments and enhancing operational and organizational effectiveness.

How do they deliver?

Among the many competencies of RGC, the firm is particularly known for delivering enterprise technology (ERP) solutions as well as business process improvement methodology. F o r instance, one of RGC’s clients was a large, global supplier with a need to re-design its global supply chain model in order to lower costs, improve cycle time and adjust to the changing needs of its client base. RGC’s assignment? Develop a business case to support the investment, lead the software selection process and implement the newly designed business process model. RGC quickly learned the existing business model, developed a strategic roadmap for technology and operations and created a convincing business case for delivery to the Board of Directors. Within fourteen weeks, RGC built a global business process model, driving $14 million in on-going operational efficiency savings as well as streamlining the global technology architecture. The business process template was later approved and adopted by the client company leadership for 40 locations worldwide.

Alana and her team have the unique ability to balance strategic, long-term goals with practical, near term results. “Sometimes, we have clients who have remained in the strategy phase, which leaves them struggling to deliver results for their organizations. In those instances, we are uniquely suited to re-define the project or program, and help them achieve what they originally intended.
“Whether a client is looking to reduce operational costs, increase speed to market, or improve the servicing of its customers, we are focused on delivering results,” says Alana. The RGC approach prioritizes practicality, focusing on realistic investments that provide long term gains to the clients – all without exceeding planned project budgets and missed deadlines. “I am proud to say that for 10 years, our team has never exceeded the contracted budget and we have consistently delivered our projects within the established timelines,” she adds.

Whether a client is looking to reduce operational costs, increase speed to market, or improve the servicing of its customers, we are focused on delivering results

For RGC, success breeds success and the company has developed a reputation for quality results. “Delivering significant results for our clients has resulted in growth for our firm. We know that our clients are pleased when they award additional projects with their organizations as well as refer us to new clients. This is very satisfying,” says Alana.

Robinson Group Consulting, Inc.

Chicago, IL

Alana Ward Robinson, President & CEO

Provides consulting services for businesses seeking to improve their management strategies, enabling technologies, and business processes