Sev1Tech: Delivering Unparalleled IT and Management Consulting Services

Robert E. Lohfeld, Jr. CEO
In today’s business environment, customers are looking for partners who can provide innovative ways to reduce costs while increasing productivity. Sev1Tech has a history of delivering customer-centric solutions that impact the bottom line. According to Robert Lohfeld, Jr., Founder and CEO of Sev1Tech, “The key to delivering innovative and cost-cutting solutions--whether in the Federal or commercial sector is being relevant to our clients’ mission and programs.” Headquartered just outside the Washington, DC beltway, Sev1Tech provides IT, engineering, and project management services for the Department of Homeland Security, commercial and civilian customers, with an expertise in cyber security, virtualization, data center operations and relocations, enterprise operations and applications. The company builds advanced IT systems and maintains operations for the critical infrastructure of many organizations’ critical infrastructure that safeguard the country and enable them to achieve their business objectives.

Sev1Tech has met many customers’ highly complex project needs and challenges through the use of proven methodologies, automated tools, and operational risk management techniques developed by its management team and project staff have developed. “We are committed to delivering these services through our people, process, and technology. Our focus lies in investing in resources and capital for customer innovation,” says Mr. Lohfeld. As a testament to their commitment to delivering high-quality low-cost solutions, they scored a 98 percent overall rating in both customer support and ease of doing business with a 97 percent rating across all customers in overall responsiveness to customer needs.

In an interesting case study, Sev1Tech provided business automation support to a major civilian agency, which was responsible for delivering and maintaining applications hosting for over 15,000 users. The agency was tasked with improving server build time frames, reducing resource costs, and providing real-time status dashboards. Working closely with their client, Sev1Tech applied their IT Service Delivery Automation Process to develop a customized solution that increased annual server build production from 400 servers to 1,200 with a 57 percent reduction in personnel costs.

We are committed to delivering these services through our people, process, and technology. Our focus lies in investing in resources and capital for customer innovation

Being an agile small business, Sev1Tech literally can “hit the ground running”—their diverse workforce brings proven expertise, high-level certifications and degrees in their field, and nearly 2/3 of staff hold clearances, thereby reducing ramp up time and costs. The company invests in its employees by offering a competitive training program, whereby employees can build upon their existing skill set through certifications and/or continuing education, which ends up benefiting their customers in the long run.

With over 20 years of experience in IT facilities design and integration, IT strategy, and large scale performance-based program management, Mr. Lohfeld has successfully led data center migrations and consolidations for many large government agencies, as well as geospatial and commercial customers. Prior to founding Sev1Tech, he served as deputy director of the Enterprise Data Center Operations Group for U.S. Customs & Border Protection where he managed mission-critical operations, IT service delivery, IT infrastructure management, and business continuity. Robert holds a Master’s degree in international management and a B.A. in international political systems.

Looking forward, Sev1Tech has a bright future ahead. Their ability to listen to their customers by being accessible, responsive, and nimble will allow them to continue delivering creative solutions that align with their customers’ business needs.


Washington, D.C.

Robert E. Lohfeld, Jr. CEO

Sev1Tech provides IT and management consulting services through people, process and technology and showcases expertise in cyber defense, virtualization, data center, technical, enterprise operations and applications