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Dylan Miyake, Co-Founder
It’s no secret that strategic performance management is key to the success of any organization. It may seem intuitive, yet time and again we see organizations flop on their strategy. Typically, the organizations that are failing are the ones putting all their efforts and resources into creating the strategic plan itself, and very little into the actual management and execution of it. As a cloud-based reporting application designed specifically with non-profits and municipalities in mind, ClearPoint tackles this issue by helping organizations in the public-sector to track and manage their strategic information all in one place, as well as create, customize, and distribute reports more easily and efficiently. Today, ClearPoint is partnering with more than 40 municipalities to provide them with an all-in-one local government software that allows its users to not only more effectively execute municipal strategy, but also to engage the community and ensure transparency.

ClearPoint is also one of the few strategy and performance management tools on the market built by managers, for managers. Ted Jackson and Dylan Miyake, ClearPoint’s co-founders and graduates of Harvard Business School and the Sloan School of Management at MIT respectively, have a passion for effective strategy management and over 40 years of combined experience providing management consulting services to public-sector organizations. Because of their background, they have a unique perspective that has driven this user-friendly tool. According to Miyake, “There’s no need for an expensive and complex IT project to configure ClearPoint. Like standard office software such as PowerPoint, this system puts the control in the user’s hands with accessible scorecards and dashboards that seamlessly integrate qualitative and quantitative data.”

More than just a software, ClearPoint has also built the Community Dashboard: a customized public facing website that allows cities and counties to share their key measures and projects with citizens. ClearPoint recognized the need for public-sector organizations to share their reports and results online, and created the Community Dashboard to make this historically difficult and drawn-out process as painless and seamless as possible. Through the dashboard, local governments are able to keep their public-facing websites in sync with their strategic information in ClearPoint. This ensures that citizens have the most updated results of their local government’s strategic efforts.
Ted Jackson, Co-Founder
In addition to the Community Dashboard, ClearPoint launched the Municipal Measures Library in early 2017, taking its mission of providing public-sector organizations with the most comprehensive reporting experience a step further. Developed in direct response to needs expressed by their clients, ClearPoint created the library to allow municipalities to share the measures they are tracking, in the hopes of encouraging increased collaboration and performance among local governments. As per Ted Jackson, co-founder of ClearPoint Strategy, “Unlike most benchmarking tools, the measures included in the ClearPoint Measures Library are ones that the communities themselves have chosen to track, and are being actively updated by the strategy leaders of the municipalities themselves.” Contact information for the measure experts at each municipality is also provided for users, to encourage increased connection and more effective networking between local governments. Several local governments have assisted in the development of this library, including the City of Fort Collins, Colorado, Olathe, Kansas, and Sarasota County, Florida, among others.

Like standard office software such as PowerPoint, ClearPoint puts the control in the user’s hands

As performance management in the public-sector evolves, ClearPoint will evolve with it. Jackson remarks, “ClearPoint 11.0, will include a new set of features and functionality implemented directly as a result of our clients’ feedback. We value what they have to say and actively reach out to ensure we are giving them the enhancements they want.” This version of ClearPoint promises augmentation of the Measure Library’s feature-set, a full recycle bin, and increased flexibility with summary reports. And with that, the tool will make performance management and reporting in public sector even more seamless.

ClearPoint Strategy

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Dylan Miyake, Co-Founder and Ted Jackson, Co-Founder

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