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Russell Roberts, VP, Marketing & Strategy
When you think of technology transformation, don’t forget about Public Safety, Law Enforcement and Corrections. That’s exactly the objective at Securus Technologies. Focused on improving public safety and modernizing the incarceration experience, Securus is revolutionizing government agencies’ use of technology. Securus has implemented the largest cloud-based platform for State Departments of Corrections and Local County Sheriff’s departments. With ongoing demands to stay ahead of the curve, law enforcement and corrections agencies have begun to embrace IT solutions as a means of ensuring the safety of the public. No other technology company has the reach, results and breadth of solutions focused solely on government agencies as Securus Technologies.

Securus makes the world a safer place by providing leading-edge criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring to more than 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies across North America.

“We provide a full spectrum of technology solutions for civil and criminal justice,” explains Russell Roberts, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, Securus Technologies. Whether it’s connecting incarcerated inmates with their families, investigators with recent intelligence, or an emergency dispatch center to police, fire station and rescue team, Securus Technologies’ suite of cloud-based software is designed to provide real-time access to critical information to speed up the investigation process.

The firm recently deployed their new Wireless Containment Solution (WCS), technology that detects, prevents, and intercepts communications from contraband wireless devices.

“Contraband wireless devices pose an imminent threat to the safety and security of inmates, corrections officers, judges, witnesses, and the public at large because they can be used to coordinate a variety of crimes including murder,” continues Roberts.

WCS prevents illegal cellular communications while allowing limited communications from authorized devices. The functions of WCS are similar to that of a regular commercial cell phone company, but it creates a private cellular network within the facilities’ designated areas.

We provide a full spectrum of technology solutions for civil and criminal justice

Securus also offers a number of sophisticated biometric analysis tools that help correctional facilities better monitor inmates’ approved communications activity, thereby reducing potential security risks. It’s not uncommon for inmates to borrow or steal another inmate’s pin numbers in order to make unauthorized calls. Doing so provides them with the opportunity to conduct illegal activity from behind prison walls. Securus’ voice biometrics technology effectively tackles this challenge by detecting the voices of individual inmates, even when there are multiple participants on the line. If the tool flags a suspicious call, investigators are alerted automatically.

All of the information collected through WCS and Securus’ biometric analysis tools is then added to THREADS, the largest centralized data repository in the industry. This investigative software bridges the gap between law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities helping investigators uncover leads based on their specific suspects.

While Securus places a heavy emphasis on keeping the public, inmates, and corrections officers safe, they devote thousands of man hours to improving the way inmates and their families stay in touch. “Multiple studies have shown that an inmate is less likely to re-offend if they are able to maintain regular contact with family and friends on the outside,” mentions Roberts. Securus’ Video Visitation offering gives inmates and their families the ability to communicate face-to-face no matter the geographic distance between them. The company also recently launched an App for both Android and Apple devices that allows friends and families of the incarcerated to visit without a computer.

When people think of inmate communications, only phone calls usually come to mind, but Securus is hoping to change that by continuing to provide its customers with the most advanced safety and communications tools technology allows.

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Russell Roberts, VP, Marketing & Strategy

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