G2SF: Providing Secure Mobile Access to Services

Gregory C. Smith, Founder & CEO
In today’s mobile-first economy, it’s an on-going challenge for government agencies to provide a mobile workforce with secure mobile devices and access to sensitive agency information. They have to take into consideration three primary factors while providing secure access to a variety of IT services using a mobile device. These include efficient IT [service] management, cybersecurity, and engineering to develop an effective solution that is properly integrated with the overall IT infrastructure. With strong capabilities in IT Service Management (ITSM), Mobility, Cybersecurity, and Engineering, G2SF is bridging the gap between mobility and security using the disciplines of asset and configuration management (i.e. CMDB) as a core ITSM process.

Given the constant bombardment of cyberattacks, one of the greatest challenges is securing access to data, systems, networks, and agency assets. Leveraging the CMDB as the definitive information repository for all assets within an IT infrastructure, G2SF provides valuable information on assets across the entire IT infrastructure. This enables cybersecurity professionals to immediately disable assets under attack and/or provide real-time counter threat intelligence to further minimize risks.

The company’s Security Engineering and Management services are designed to provide customers with best-in-class security strategy and risk assessment, design and engineering, penetration and vulnerability testing, cyber forensics, security operations management, and security compliance. “The benefits of our security solutions are strict adherence to DHS and agency-specific regulatory requirements. We increase the visibility of ‘real’ risks, and improve the agency’s overall security posture,” says Gregory C. Smith, Founder and CEO of G2SF.

G2SF’s Mobility Engineering and Management services include the full implementation and management of enterprise mobility solutions. Mobility services comprise requirements definition and documentation, policy formulation, device selection and carrier negotiation, MDM software selection and management, and user security and support. “Our methodology is based on the practical experience of having analyzed, designed, developed, implemented, managed, and improved enterprise mobility solutions for large federal agencies,” elucidates Smith.
G2SF’s IT Service Management practice provides baseline maturity assessments; ITSM software requirements definition, selection, integration and management; business process definition, [re]engineering, and management; enterprise help desk consolidation and management; IT organizational change management; and ITSM education and certification training. “Having helped pioneer the adoption of ITIL as a de facto standard within the federal government since 2001, the benefits of our ITSM solutions include a more rapid return on an agency’s ITSM investment,” says Smith.

Tying these three disciplines together are G2SF’s underlying core competencies in IT Engineering and Integration. For more than a decade, the company has provided network, systems, and enterprise application requirements definition, design, [re]engineering, testing, and innovative cloud computing solutions by applying industry and agency-specific best practices to enhance business outcomes and improve productivity.

For example, G2SF developed and implemented an enterprise IT service management solution for the US Marine Corps (USMC). The ITSM platform currently supports 300,000 warfighters and 5000 concurrent users around the globe through a single point of entry via an automated service catalog. Using backend workflows, the catalog automates the request and fulfillment of 52 different enterprise services. Each service is designed to ask conditional questions, auto-populate fields, and forward requests for management approval. Using the system, USMC personnel can view the lifecycle of service fulfillment process and communicate with the service fulfillment groups seamlessly. “The USMC’s ITSM platform provides military leaders with the ability to understand where assets are located, how they are being used, their costs and what contract, organization, or service the asset supports,” says Smith.

Currently, G2SF is sharply focused on leveraging the convergence of their core competencies in IT Service Management, Cybersecurity, Mobility, and Engineering to improve the delivery of security services to a mobile workforce. Smith states, “The centerpiece of our strategy involves a concerted effort to assist our clients in further establishing the configuration management database as the central repository of critical asset information that can be used to manage IT services in the most secure and efficient manner possible.”


Reston, VA

Gregory C. Smith, Founder & CEO

G2SF is a Government focused IT consultancy and enterprise solution provider with core competencies in IT Service Management (ITSM), Mobility Engineering and Management, Security Engineering and Management, and IT Engineering & Integration. As a result of G2SF’s involvement, clients have realized measurable improvements in operational efficiencies, a reduction in sustainment costs, and an increase in services. The enterprise use of paramount practices, standards, methodologies, and frameworks helps to ensure that the design, development, implementation, management, and ongoing improvement of all the enterprise’s services are state of the art