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Marty Hahn, President
Society relies on the judicial system to play numerous roles. In addition to their primary role as the key decisional entity in context to law enforcement, the justice system adjudicates disputes, serving as a venue for negotiation and resolution. In playing these roles, however, courts—from the federal to the state and local levels—today are challenged by high caseloads and resource constraints that limit their ability to execute these roles effectively. Courts need technology to address these challenges and continue to act on all the important roles that society has bestowed on them. “Use of new technologies can result in better data sharing and management across the criminal justice systems, and that’s where ICON comes in. We continue to improve and provide feature-rich solutions that are configurable and meet the demands of any jurisdiction; and at the same time, provide a standardized, stable and robust platform that is used by a large community of users within the courts vertical market,” mentions Marty Hahn, the CEO of ICON.

By offering case management, jury management, and land record management systems that can be installed locally or using ICON Software as a Service, ICON provides the best combination of cost, capability and stability within the software applications. The company’s solutions enable jurisdictions to focus on their business processes rather than software development.

ICON’s suite of applications includes integrated document management and configurable workflow that enables the company to deliver the scalability and configurability to satisfy the needs of any size jurisdiction. Further, ICON provides a public access e-services portal for eFiling, ePayment, and eRecording, and also back-file conversion, scanning, image-to-microfilm, software customization and more.

To showcase the prowess that ICON has made, Hahn elaborates on an example where they were able to spin up a hosted-cloud version of their Jury Management offering and eJuror portal for Fulton County, GA. The entity was able to import their jury list and future jury pools and have the jury clerks trained and ready to process jurors in a 3-week window.
He mentions, “After go-live, we implemented additional changes to improve communication with jurors before reporting, made check-in more efficient, and streamlined processes to panel jurors.” Further, through its Case Management solution, ICON has become the de facto IT department in many Probate courts in the State of Maine. The company implemented local on-premise installations of CMS in 2008 for all 16 Probate Courts in the State. “In 2015, we demonstrated and recommended to all the Probate Courts that they move their case management to our hosted platform,” says Hahn. This created a truly real-time system where filers into the court, probate court clerks, judges, and public access were operating on the same platform. It also made the transfers of cases between courts and case counting a much easier task across the 16 counties.

Use of new technologies can result in better data sharing and management across the criminal justice systems, and that’s where ICON comes in

What differentiates ICON is its pursuit to innovate continually. To this end, ICON seeks the input of its customers for innovative new features. “Over the 35 years that I have been serving courts, we have brought new features to market or made changes to accommodate new laws faster than the competition,” says Hahn. “We are always expanding the size of the box with optional features that can largely be credited to our customers. Probably the best way to thwart the competition is to provide world-class support and services. My support team is as good as it gets.”

Through its innovative suite of applications, ICON has truly carved a unique niche for itself and is currently providing software and services in six states. “We recently contracted in our seventh state. We are also currently looking to expand electronic filing and online dispute resolution; as well as enhancing our document/ content management features within our case management and jury management systems.,” concludes Hahn.

Icon Software

Suwanee, GA

Marty Hahn, President

ICON was founded in 1984 and supported hundreds of agencies in six States with their software and services. The achievement of the company is still evaluated by the advances in the life of its customers. The customers include one-agency, multi-agency and state-wide alternatives. ICON's primary focus is on its staff and longevity for staff has established a winning atmosphere that gives outstanding importance to clients for companies and staff. The employees are unrivalled from administrative to growth assistance and everybody in between. Innovative techniques and products are continuously reviewed and tested to be the best for clients