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David Odom, President and CEO
In its earliest days while providing technology-based risk management solutions to the oil and gas industry, Plexos Group founder David Odom had an epiphany. Companies running large-scale, data-driven programs involving claimants needed a more efficient and streamlined way to manage all of the moving parts. And they needed to do so with consistency and transparency to satisfy stringent regulatory compliance.

Enter PlexoSoft, the company’s flagship SaaS no-code workflow platform. Designed to get large-scale programs launched within as little as a day, the flexible and customizable cloud-based solution can be configured to meet unique specifications and then reconfigured as requirements change.

“Our key advantage is our ability to roll out PlexoSoft almost immediately and accelerate speed to market,” says Plexos Group President and CEO David Odom. “You have to be extremely agile in fast-paced, intense environments to be able to solve complex client needs.”

Powering Large-Scale Programs with Speed and Visibility

In Odom’s experience, large programs with multiple stakeholders often get off to a slow start. In addition to a lack of prior experience or tech savvy, programs are plagued by poor visibility into key performance metrics and bogged down by inefficiencies, waste and fraud. Plexos Group steps in to fill knowledge gaps and start fulfilling program requirements almost immediately.

Although a range of industries – from healthcare to construction – benefit from the agility PlexoSoft provides, Odom describes how the platform has gained major traction helping local and state government clients manage response and recovery efforts after major disasters like hurricanes and flooding. As the magnitude and frequency of natural disasters intensify, federal agencies such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) are contributing historic levels of relief funding to help communities and residents rebuild and recover. The demand for a system that can get funding into the right hands as quickly as possible couldn’t be greater.

“The industry demands a faster claims process and the IT systems supporting that process must follow along,” says Odom. “Our IT team sits down with our clients to understand their business processes. We then use our disaster recovery and IT expertise and our systems to jump in right away.”

Maximizing Efficiencies at Every Stage of the Program Lifecycle

With a robust foundation and a solid technology stack, Plexos Group and its team provide key expertise at every step of the program lifecycle. Odom states that for a major disaster recovery or construction management project, Plexos’ technology and teams facilitate call center outreach and intake, online claimant registration, status reporting, claim adjudication, on-site inspections, construction management, fraud and abuse checks, payment distributions, program closeout and audits. The company’s solution requires minimal training. Within a matter of minutes, end-users can start utilizing the application.

Reporting and Analytics to See Around Corners

PlexoSoft is data agnostic and can assimilate online reports from various databases, Excel spreadsheets, unstructured data and other sources so that the client has a full view of all data from multiple stakeholders. “We can customize around any program without having to write additional code,” adds Odom. The platform also has an API interface to enable integration with legacy systems and allow customers to interact directly with the data and the database.

Clients can create real-time online reports for stakeholders based on which aspect of the process they need to see. As part of the PlexoSoft system, the Plexos Analytics Engine arms clients with key data to run risk analyses, spot compliance gaps and identify bottlenecks. “Quick visibility into any potential problem areas allows us to be extremely agile when supporting key decisions about program next steps,” states Ray Werline, CIO at Plexos Group.

Data Integrity is Priority No. 1

Since data integrity is key to Plexos Group’s entire system and process, the company logs and monitors every single keystroke in its system so that it can identify any integrity issues within the user-defined fields where datasets may have changed.
Ray Werline, CIO
The standard workflow steps are stored in the database and it allows end-users to assign different functions to each part of a process. Different users, such as a call center representative handling claims intake, or a field inspector surveying damage, will only be able to access the part of the process that they are assigned through a three-dimensional role-based security model. The solution incorporates a complete business logic that validates everything before a user can move to the next step of the program.

The company’s mobile app, iPlexos, available on iOS and Android platforms, interfaces directly with PlexoSoft. On-site inspectors can upload pictures, fill out forms and input required data points to facilitate reimbursement eligibility and award calculations. Inspection photographs and required signatures are uploaded to the central system in real-time to maintain integrity. “iPlexos offers us mobility and flexibility, and serves as an extension of PlexoSoft in the field,” asserts Werline.

We aim to bring our technology, our decades of experience and our subject matter expertise to new markets

Safeguarding Sensitive Data from Major Threats

Considering the undeniable cyber security threats in today’s age, Plexos Group pre-embeds its entire technology stack with HITRUST-compliant cybersecurity measures to protect personally identifiable information or sensitive information from hackers. “From a cybersecurity perspective, we don’t just put cybersecurity on the side and run it as a separate sphere of operations. Instead, cybersecurity is woven into the very fabric of our entire technology stack and technology team,” Werline adds.

Streamlined Onboarding Process to Jumpstart Projects

In a typical onboarding scenario, the team at Plexos Group leverages its years of expertise to minimize the time needed to understand its clients’ requirements and deliver a configured product within expedited timeframes. The client can utilize the system on day one while Plexos Group configures the rest in the backend. The company also provides comprehensive training manuals and has an entire training staff that performs online or in-person training. “We also have a robust help desk to support the system,” adds Odom.

For instance, the U.S. Virgin Islands experienced significant damage from hurricanes Irma and Maria, which pummeled the islands in September 2017. Plexos Group provided supportive services to the U.S. Virgin Islands Housing Finance Authority under the $750 million Sheltering and Temporary Essential Power (STEP) Program funded by FEMA. Within days of being hired, the company implemented an entire system that enrolled applicants from the initial intake process to inspections and payment of claims. The solution also enabled contractors hired for housing construction to access the system to help build their work orders for their projects.

With most of the materials for construction shipped to the Islands, Plexos Group kept track of the entire housing repair inventory through barcodes and provided online inventory reports to the client. All of the stakeholders used the reporting function, from the federal government to contractors and the teams working on claims disbursement. “It was a huge success as far as the ability of our systems to be implemented immediately and to make a real difference in providing safe housing for hurricane-affected homeowners,” adds Odom.

Plexos Group aims to stay nimble and keep evolving its ability to solve client issues quickly. The company also provides solutions for the healthcare industry. Currently, it is moving into new markets, including diversion tracking of opioids and other drugs for fraud, waste and abuse. Plexos Group will continue to build on the complexity of its analytics engine, including AI and other technologies. The company already has a strong group of team members. Its roadmap is to bring more value to customers through targeted and customized solutions. “We aim to bring our technology, system portfolio and expertise to new markets in an innovative and disruptive way,” concludes Werline.

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David Odom, President and CEO and Ray Werline, CIO

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