PayIt: Simplifying Government Agency Operations with Technology

John Thomson, Founder and CEO
Refurbishing IT infrastructure, back-office systems, and user experiences are critical discussion points surrounding the modernization of state and local governments. The simplicity of the front-end user experience will determine if a citizen will prefer to pay their bills online or offline. Digitalization then enables government services and payments to be more convenient and efficient for users, which leads to greater reach and adoption, which in turn increases revenue generation for governments.

This is precisely where PayIt steps in. They are a digital government services and payments SaaS provider that simplifies business between government agencies and citizens by consolidating hundreds of services and payments into one connected experience. John Thomson, Founder, and CEO shared that Customers tell us we’re the only vendor that provides a single platform that’s purpose-built for government payments. Our government wallet lets residents pay for everything — from utility bills to DMV services— in one place.

From calling an Uber, to enrolling in school, to shopping online, people have come to expect digital interactions with a great user experience. Consequently, PayIt stresses the front-end experience for effective government service delivery. It uses a more conversational approach for data collection.

Following configurable business rules, PayIt ensures that all necessary data for a transaction or interaction is processed in a way that is recognized by the agency’s systems of record. Sample services delivered by PayIt include utility and property tax payments, municipal citations, and DMV license renewals. The SaaS platform is designed to quickly enable virtually any government service and associated payment.
PayIt’s cloud-native data platform integrates with the agency database, so that residents can interact via a single interface. The platform subsequently integrates updates with the relevant back-office systems, which can be done in real-time via API’s.

With PayIt, governments can access an administrative tool that carries all of the transaction data and business insights that are integral to building a complete consumer-grade user experience. For example, government workers are able to view revenue collection and transaction data, transactions by service (taxes, utilities, etc.), payment channels (Online, IVR, POS, etc.), online payment devices (desktop, mobile, Apple app, etc.), upcoming payments, enrolment statuses for eBilling and payment plans et al.

PayIt offers the best available technology today and will continue to innovate for tomorrow

Needless to say, PayIt is highly rated by their customers owing to the seamlessness and effectiveness of the platform. John Thomson adds, “We’re proud that less than 1 percent of people using our platform need to reach out to us. Our system is easy to use and helps government agencies more efficiently collect and allocate revenue to critical programs. Our team is very proud of this.” PayIt offers the best available technology and will continue to innovate for tomorrow.


Kansas City, MO

John Thomson, Founder and CEO

PayIt is a SaaS provider of digital government services and payments which simplifies doing business with government agencies by consolidating hundreds of services and payments into one connected experience for citizens.