20 Most Promising Public Sector Solution Providers - 2018

20 Most Promising Public Sector Solution Providers - 2018

With the rapid growth of digitalization and evolution of disruptive technologies, public sector is finding newer approaches for data storage and security. Considering the fact that government departments and public sector organizations deal with large and complex data sets, it’s crucial for them to ensure that they adopt robust and secure systems. Additionally, the public sector organizations in the US have already been looking to adopt new technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, and blockchain along with augmented and virtual reality. According to a Deloitte report, The US Department of Treasury is exploring the possibilities of using blockchain to track the movement of physical assets digitally. The US Census Bureau is also looking forward to moving to a modern enterprise data lake, which will support their goal of secure and scalable data science. The report also highlights New York City’s initiative to create a virtual/augmented reality (AR/VR) hub to address overall issues of the city and promote faster job growth through a citywide AR/VR talent pipeline.

The aforementioned developments are just the tip of the iceberg as the US public sector departments are likely to adopt the newest digital innovations for improved operational efficiency in the near future. And, such advancements are clearly driven by the inventions and innovations from technology companies that bring highly secured, customized solutions for the public sector entities. In this edition, we are featuring “20 Most Promising Public Sector Solution Providers - 2018” that bring reliable solutions to support the futuristic visions of public sector organizations and modernize their overall IT infrastructures as they adopt new technologies.

Company Name

Company Description

Accela Provides a cloud-based platform that increases engagement, improves efficiency, and boosts transparency for government organizations
adventfs.com Provides unique online solutions to minimize the administrative burden and improve the effectiveness of criminal justice agencies and county governments
CSDC Help governments manage all types of compliances: permitting, licensing, code compliance, freedom of information compliance, legal compliance, and courts automation
Forcast5Analytics Helps build annual or multi-year budgets, model different scenarios, forecast future impacts, and find new revenue sources
G2SF G2SF provides innovative solutions that enhance the effectiveness, security, and mobile access to critical services
GCOM Software A business and technology consulting firm that provides a broad range of professional services designed to deliver cutting-edge business and technology solutions for its public sector clients
GeoDecisions Delivers innovative geospatial technology solutions and applications to enable defense, homeland security, transportation, state, county, municipal, and commercial clients to make informed decisions
Granicus Enhances government transparency, citizen engagement, effectiveness of policies and transformation of citizen experiences
iCetana Provides AI-assisted video monitoring software that detects unusual patterns among video streams for immediate action
Kyosis Develops intelligent parking solutions that provide simplified parking operations
Micro Focus Builds enterprise grade, scalable software to help customers maximize their ROI on existing software investments in the new hybrid model enterprise IT
Nevo Technologies Provides sustainable solutions to address the challenges related to information systems’ security
OnSolve Designs cloud-based notification and collaboration tools, capable of delivering critical notifications and alerts for any type of event
OpenCities Citizen Engagement Platform: Websites, Digital Forms and Intranets that empower better digital government services
Perspecta Offers a diverse set of capabilities to the U.S. government customers in the defense, intelligence, civilian, healthcare sectors
SeamlessGov Helps governments go paperless by converting their pdfs into online services
Securus Technology Provides leading edge civil and criminal justice technology solutions that improve public safety and modernize the incarceration experience
Strongbridge Delivers solutions for critical challenges faced by the government through software development, IT engineering, and program support services
Superion Provides software and services for public administration, public safety and justice, state governments, federal government, and nonprofit agencies
Veritas Empowers businesses to harness the power of information, with solutions designed to serve the world’s largest and most complex heterogeneous environments