20 Most Promising Public Sector Solution Providers - 2021

20 Most Promising Public Sector Solution Providers - 2021 

    Top Public Sector Companies

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    Trinity IT, a boutique IT consulting firm that uses Remote Device Management to accurately configure security settings on mobile and remote computers. It also provides cybersecurity training to all software developers and encourages certification. The company provides software integration kits that help clients integrate with applications, such as the Oracle E-business suite, while eliminating dependencies on legacy components. Trinity IT has extensive experience in integrating modernized software components with legacy Oracle-based infrastructure, so much so that some of its products leverage the open-source product Keycloak as an SSO solution. Since 2007, the company has completed 42 projects for clients who required expert software architecture, design, and development for custom database applications and web applications. Trinity IT’s developers have been at the forefront in designing, implementing, and deploying Java and web-based applications while performing onsite and remote maintenance and monitoring at several locations for many back-end servers

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    Vertosoft is one of the leading emerging technology distributors for the U.S. government.