Compusearch: GovCon CIOs Hear the Cry for Help from CFO, Compliance, BD and Contracts Managers

Reid H. Jackson, CEO
“I and a few dozen coworkers had just lost eight weekends in a row pulling hundreds of contracts from filing cabinets in tens of offices. We had spent almost $1 million scanning documents that DCAA could use to match invoices to active contracts. A couple months later, we searched all over our intranet and in dozens of file drawers to get supporting documents for a GSA audit. That whole time we kept on fielding as many calls as we could from all the BD managers asking what vehicles we had with every agency and department you could name. After the audits settled for a while, we still couldn’t keep up with the requests from our compliance people who were routing us requests from the customers and auditors, many of which required us to find a needle in a haystack. We were pulling our hair out. There was actual crying. Does it have to be this hard, really? Really?!”

Five years ago, Reid Jackson, Compusearch’s CEO, heard this and many similar stories about the challenges of government contracting. He also heard that several government contractors had each spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and roughly half a dozen FTE years trying against all odds to make commercial contract-management systems work for government contracting. In response, his team developed SpectrumCLM—the contract lifecycle management system built for government contractors. Because SpectrumCLM is secure and cloud-based, CIOs can confidently and quickly bring sorely needed help to their CFO, and BD, Compliance, and Contract Managers.

SpectrumCLM Ensures Compliance, Boosts Revenue, and Drives Efficiency

CIOs who bring SpectrumCLM to their organizations enable: The CFO to understand and monitor risk areas, intervene based on always-current data, confidently report to the SEC, invoice with the support of comprehensive documentation, and inexpensively navigate and comply with audits; Business Development to boost revenue by quickly finding contract vehicles and thoroughly documenting past performance; Compliance and Legal to reduce audit risk and mitigate OCI risks; Contract Managers to automate data calls, leverage prenegotiated terms, configure and manage clauses, route and monitor approvals, and meet government reporting requirements.
SpectrumCLM was Built with Millions of Hours of Government Contracting Experience

Compusearch has been the leading provider of enterprise software to the government sector for over 20 years. More than 60,000 government contractors use Compusearch’s FedConnect portal to work with agencies’ contracting officers. Contracting officers in nearly every cabinet-level department use Compusearch’s PRISM as their contract writing system. Security and data privacy are always primary considerations for Compusearch’s commercial, DoD, intelligence, and civilian customers; the company invests heavily in security and maintains FISMA compliance and compliance with all other applicable standards.

SpectrumCLM manages contract data for all types of government awards and supports the level of complexity and regulation routinely found in government contracting

CIOs within Several Leading Government Contractors have Implemented SpectrumCLM

Most implementations are complete within three months. SpectrumCLM’s professional services teams are available to help with installation, configuration, data migration, and program management. The team has demonstrated success with small and large government contractors, as well as those with substantial presence in commercial and international markets.


Dulles, VA

Reid H. Jackson, CEO

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