International Integrated Solutions: Integrated Solutions to Tackle Complex Problems

John Iacone, CEO & President
International Integrated Systems (IIS) built its genesis from a pure hardware provider to a solution provider; where the company evolved to offer more parts of a total solution— which was not just hardware but more service oriented—taking up the ownership of delivering the total solution. This foundation still helps the company in its journey. “99 percent of our deals include hardware, software and implementation services to ensure we fulfill all requirements, says John Iacone, CEO and President, International Integrated Solutions.

Our centralized and standardized operation modules incorporate procurement and campuswide support including the adoption of Big Data for consistent, secure, and quality record keeping

Headquartered in Long Island, NY, IIS provides consulting, storage, security, Big Data analytics, IT solutions, and integration at the highest levels of partnership from many vendors, including HP, VMware and RedHat. In addition to providing solutions, IIS also provides support consulting along with technical staff augmentation. With their solutions, the company addresses a need to leverage technologies like Big Data, to tackle the consolidation of structured and unstructured data across governments. Bryan Powers, a Senior Client Executive, who leads IIS’s government space states, “The IT demands of state and local government have always aligned well with IIS’s core competencies of providing highly available, mission critical solutions for our customers and enabling them to leverage new and emerging technologies.

For example, in the cloud space, there is a tremendous amount of confusion based on the customer’s understanding. “Our expertise revolves around building a traditional IT infrastructure and creating a roadmap for the agencies to head towards the cloud direction,” says Iacone.
The company’s centralized and standardized operation modules incorporate procurement and campus-wide supportincluding the adoption of Big Data for consistent, secure, and quality record keeping. IIS also has excellent account management skills which maximizes ROI for their clients and advises on IT roadmaps which is critical with stringent budgeting schedules and processes.

IIS’ business-to-business initiatives along with its bullet proof security, mission critical applications and technical resources keep them ahead in the competitive curve. The company’s philosophy is to deliver value throughout the whole process with their technical expertise. With a 3:1 ratio, (3 technical specialists to every 1 sales person), IIS brings in the talent necessary to build those practices and deliver end to end solutions. IIS’ solutions address several markets including finance, retail, and manufacturing. “With state agencies, we spend time building high-performance mission critical environments and applications that often need to be resilient,” explains Iacone. With their expertise in the buying cycles and contract models of both software and hardware, the company also provides perfect fit solutions to colleges and hospitals.

These solutions have garnered IIS major clients from both public and private sector. At one instance, IIS invested in a large transportation agency pre-sales resources including high-end solution architects. The agency had a sophisticated engineering application and many servers running in a SAN and others with standalone storage. In order to solve the server and storage sprawl issue, IIS consolidated to an HP bladed infrastructure, provided a new SAN and leveraged HP’s Flex Fabric technology. In addition they virtualized the application using VMware greatly reducing the server footprint. “We took many servers, consolidated down to an enclosure and brought on line a second enclosure for high availability.” Explains Iacone. IIS ensured that the entire environment was backed up and also implemented the management tools for VMware as well.

The consolidation was done in a 6 week period. Going forward, the company is focusing on the expansion of their services and solutions capabilities by investing in Big Data and Private and Hybrid talent, especially data scientists and focus on transforming into a service led company,” concludes Iacone.

International Integrated Solutions

Long Island, NY

John Iacone, CEO & President and Bryan Powers, Senior Client Executive

Provider of consulting, storage, security, big data analytics, and IT solutions for world-wide businesses