Oran Inc: Streamlining Decision Making with Collaboration and Analytics

Saroj Rout, CEO
Ever expanding data is a challenge faced by all, especially Public Sector agencies. “Since the birth of the public sector in this country, data is being continuously collected and has grown exponentially,” says Saroj Rout, CEO of Oran Inc. “Every agency collected data in a manner that made tactical sense to them, but are now challenged with integrating their data, accessing the information inherent in them and harnessing them for advanced analytics and decision making” he notes.

The complexity has been compounded with the enormous amount of unstructured data through social feeds, visual and audio media. Agencies were able to make sense out of structured data sources, but now the question is; how do they manage and harness data that is growing exponentially? Addressing these concerns is Oran Inc,a company that provides IT contracting and consulting services. The firm has successfully produced new data strategies integrated in a secured manner to interested parties and support their decision making with new technologies such as Big Data and shared computing.

With years of experience in data management, Oran provides fully integrated solutions for project management, application development, data management, business intelligence, documentation, training, integration and deployment, in an easily accessible structure and format. In addition to providing solutions for overall software lifecycle, the company also implements processes that offer greater visibility to the clients. Oran has introduced continuous integration using open source Hudson to their clients that can be instrumental in improving the visibility of the progress and quality of the deliveries. As real time example of this consider the example of a renowned defense agency. The agency required an easy and effective way to navigate various technologies and business intelligence from a single point entry and this is where Oran stepped in. The company provided custom web based application, which is a combination of J2EE, Cold Fusion, and .Net technology, as a secured web interface and integrated BI solution to access their reports, analytic cubes and KPI for key information.
As the agency’s business areas continued to expand and grow, the front end web interface adapted and expanded accordingly. Within the web interface is an ad-hoc reporting and dash boarding system, which enabled the client to create their own basic custom adhoc dashboards and reports.

Oran is currently engaged in many critical programs in Department of Defense (DoD), Human Health Services (HHS) agency, Veteran Affair (VA), and National Institute of Health (NIH). It specializes in Java and Microsoft .NET platform with an emphasis on custom agile methodologies to produce a continuously evolving quality and visibility of the development progress. The company also provides end-to-end portal solutions from development to collaboration and governance of user communities and record management.

We believe the analytics will grow organically and we will strive to champion Big Data solutions with other emerging open source technologies

Going forward, Oran continues to broaden its functional knowledge and technical expertise in healthcare and DoD workspace to play a greater role in the industry. It is committed to address client pain points and assist decision makers with integrated solutions. “We are focused on growing as a premier service provider for healthcare and DOD sectors,” says Mr. Rout. “We believe data analytics will grow organically and we strive to leverage Big Data solutions with other emerging open source technologies for customer value. We are also focused on providing an integrated platform where information is accessible internally and externally for the agency in a controlled manner to strengthen customer ROI,” he concludes.


Herndon, VA

Saroj Rout, CEO

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