Brahmarsk Corporation: Point Guard of Cybersecurity and Physical Security

Lalitha Kaleedhass, CEO
Brahmarsk Corporation has always been ahead of the technology. Long before the adoption of cloud and other cutting-edge technologies by public and private organizations, and the cascading effect of technology acquisitions on their cybersecurity, the firm had taken a note of their evolving needs. Brahmarsk is focused on developing solutions for cybersecurity, business continuity, and biometric identification that would fortify systems of public and private enterprises. Today, Brahmarsk holistically addresses critical security requirements and harnessing these solutions, public sector and private firms can automate, secure, and optimize a gamut of security related practices.

Based in Sugar Land, TX, Brahmarsk Corporation strengthens enterprise-wide security with its solution XVanara. The solution dispels the primal fears in the security arena and secures networks, systems, and user identity. XVanara also protects the backend of the system, improves endpoint security, and moves IT infrastructure into a state of resilience, an imperative for operational continuity. “Our solution is complete, reliable, efficient, scalable, and user-friendly,” states Lalitha Kaleedhass, CEO, Brahmarsk.

On an equal footing is the need to chart a plan for business continuity, a requisite to minimize down times that could otherwise result in massive losses. For instance, maintaining cloud operations is a herculean task, with technical snags and the possibility of human and natural disasters striking the data centers. “Brahmarsk prepares clients in the face of these adversities and ensures seamless operations,” says Kaleedhass. With its business continuity system, Brahmarsk enables complete redundancy, which public sector clients can also leverage for their numerous resource-intensive ICT Systems.

If redundancy is the penultimate challenge, then accurate data access is the final frontier that can be conquered through biometric identification. As biometric identification is more foolproof in lending correct data accessibility, its utility has now garnered prominence and attention in the security arena. Brahmarsk biometric technology resolves the intricacies in the biometric identification for private enterprises and government organizations.
The company follows a unique approach and provides instant identification from a large database. The technology uses face, fingerprint, and iris biometric features.

Brahmarsk prepares clients in the face of these adversities and ensures continuity of operations

Government agencies harness the citizens’ biometric and other information to generate identities in physical format for delivering numerous services to the rightful owner of the information. Brahmarsk’s Secured Document solution quickly integrates with the legacy systems used by the governments for ID generation. From its ISO certified facility in USA, the company manufactures identity cards that can retain biometrics (fingerprint, face, iris), text and photograph. 4096-bit dynamic encryption protects the user’s data, and the built-in frequency integrity checker prevents snooping attacks. The issued identity cards are tamper-proof and are protected with its Lookme.Today technology. With this privacy-friendly technology, a square-inch sized pattern (visible/invisible) can hold 5 MB user’s information facilitating identification and authenticity verification without the Internet.

As a prelude to the deployment of its suite of solutions, Brahmarsk undertakes requirement gathering, studies the current processes, and plans a seamless transition from the current processes to the new ones. For instance, a client was using a mélange of systems for distinct processes and various identity verification products for different departments. Integrating these systems had become a herculean task for the government organization and its IT expenditure had overshot. Brahmarsk provided an integrated solution with a single platform secured with real-time biometric identification, which proved economical.

Today, enterprises across the globe are using Brahmarsk’s patented solutions and liberating themselves to focus on the core areas of operations. In the future, the company aims to become a force to reckon with in the realms of cybersecurity and cloud.

Brahmarsk Corporation

Sugar Land, TX

Lalitha Kaleedhass, CEO

Delivers solutions to automate, secure, and optimize processes in the areas of cybersecurity, business continuity and biometrics

Brahmarsk Corporation