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Jim Mortimer, Director of Business Development
Since opening its doors in 1977 as a public safety solutions provider, Versaterm has been a firm believer of the fact that ‘it’s not just technology; it’s the services and the approach to implementing software that stands unparalleled in an environment that demands both reliability and predictability.’ The cornerstone of Versaterm was laid in pursuit of the same philosophy, to offer an innovative product portfolio and superior service for the public safety agencies.

Marking its prowess in the public safety domain with its service quality and unique business approach, Versaterm’s role in the public safety arena is not limited to offering an agile and fully integrated software suite. “We consider business with government agencies as a comprehensive partnership,” explains Jim Mortimer, Director of Business Development, Versaterm.

With over four decades of industry expertise, Versaterm offers a Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD), Records Management Systems (RMS), and Mobility Solutions for public safety agencies. Versaterm’s CAD is a fully featured dispatch system that supports advanced command and control communication centers and is built specifically for round-the-clock operation in mission-critical environments. Furthermore, the consolidated dispatch model allows fire and safety services, emergency medical services, and police to be notified from the same dispatch center in real time.

Versaterm’s CAD system integrates with 911 communication center to collect real-time incident information received at a public safety agency. Using sophisticated algorithms, it allocates the best as well as the closest resource that can respond to the situation and the information is conveyed to the officer. Once the responder reaches the site and collects the initial field reports, the data is stored in the firm’s RMS. The RMS completely manages information regarding an offense or a rescue report, or a speeding ticket. In addition, the reports can be seamlessly integrated with the court and jail systems for quicker processing.

Offering best-in-breed mobility features for public safety officers, Versaterm provides a Mobile Workstation (MWS) solution comprising two integrated software components, Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) and the Mobile Report Entry (MRE) or Field Reporting component.

We consider business with government agencies as a comprehensive partnership and provide seamless support services

The integrated MWS product allows Versaterm’s customers to operate in a near paperless environment, with electronic routing and notification, ensuring real-time information access throughout public safety departments.

Mortimer elaborates on Versaterm’s latest innovation, the vMobile application that provides officers utilizing mobile devices like a smartphone or tablet in unit’s access to queries, messaging, and dispatch functionality via a sleek, modern, touch and gesture friendly interface while away from their patrol car or on foot patrol. For improved efficiency, vMobile allows the officers to have complete access to the dispatch system, as well as the records management system.

Versaterm has been assisting various public service agencies in digitalizing and improving their public safety features. In one particular instance, Versaterm supported an agency that relied on legacy software for public safety. The firm identified the client’s requirements and priorities by breaking up the whole project into smaller units for ease. Versaterm deployed its fully featured and comprehensive product to meet the automation needs of the agency. Versaterm’s system allowed seamless collection and collaboration of information between agencies in minutes, which earlier took days or weeks.

In the long run, Versaterm’s focus is to improve the mobility features of its product portfolio by harnessing the potential of cloud. As part of their future goals, Versaterm is looking forward to converting mobile into a data collection device for seamless recording of on-site information. “We also envision incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning features into our product lines for improved analytics functionalities,” concludes Mortimer.


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Jim Mortimer, Director of Business Development

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