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Girish Bhatia, Founder & CEO
The NYC Department of Finance (DOF) that administers the adjudication and payment collection processes for parking tickets collects between $550- 600 million in annual revenue from base fines and penalties for rules violations. The DOF was seeking to include an option for paying a ticket via mobile devices that will also have functionalities such as using a device’s camera to capture ticket information and evidence used to dispute the ticket. Today, with the Parking Ticket Pay-or-Dispute Mobile Application, the DOF allows New Yorkers to pay for or dispute parking or other traffic violations from their fingertips. The easy data capture greatly supports submissions for hearing request evidence. Owing to the innovativeness of the initiative, this project also bagged the Digital Government’s City Government-to-Citizen Experience Award in 2017.

The Parking Ticket Pay-or-Dispute Mobile Application, which has successfully enabled the NYC DOF to execute the payment collection process more efficiently—saving time and cost involved in the manual collection process—was implemented by GCOM. With its diverse team of experts, GCOM delivers cutting-edge business and technology solutions for the public sector. As a system integrator and management consultancy firm, offering differentiated products and solutions, GCOM assists state and local governments in their operations, engages their constituents, and improves operational excellence “Services such as Amazon and Google have raised the bar— citizens now expect the same level of innovation and efficiency from government that they get from these commercial giants. We help our customers deliver on that obligation,” states Girish Bhatia, Founder & CEO of GCOM Software.

From delivering web-based and mobile applications that meet a variety of needs to complex multi-agency systems integration projects and data center management, GCOM is a one source shop for a range of services. The company also extends its capabilities in the form of managed application and cloud and project management services. GCOM offers a unique combination of the agility of a small company backed by a well-structured practice of methodologies.

One of the critical challenges that GCOM solves is with respect to the data sharing and availability in government agencies. Information—like the number of licenses a business has or a criminal’s historic record— available at one agency is not available to others owing to the traditionally siloed systems.
Mr. Chris Lloyd, VP of Business Development
Leveraging technologies like enterprise service bus, structured messaging like National Information Exchange Model (NIEM), GCOM makes interoperability easier for government organizations.

Serving the needs of many criminal justice and public safety agencies, GCOM recently implemented key systems including Computerized Criminal History, Enterprise Fingerprint Processing, Sex Offender Management, NIEM Enabled RAP Sheets, Incident- Based Reporting/Uniform Case Reporting, Domestic Incident Reporting, Juvenile Justice reform, and the Wanted Missing Persons system. Alongside public safety, the company has been largely involved in the re-engineering of mission-critical systems in several areas including business and professional licensing, workforce, health services, environment health, Vital Records Management, and recreation and resource management, among others.

Services such as Amazon and Google have raised the bar – citizens now expect the same level of innovation and efficiency from government that they get from these commercial giants. We help our customers deliver on that obligation

GCOM pre-builds several such technical services by leveraging its prior project experiences and lessons and encapsulates them into microservices. While functionalities and business rules might vary with each customer, the underlying architecture for a service remains the same. “Since we have most functions previously built for another customer, we can modify them and plug them into another application, enabling a faster implementation as opposed to starting from scratch and taking exponential time,” adds Chris Lloyd, VP of GCOM Software.

What also enables GCOM to stay ahead of its competitors is its prowess to receive insights from citizens about their experiences and then building the right government solution from the customers’ perspective.

“Having witnessed the technology landscape and its ever-evolving advancements for the past 15 years, we will soon capture the market nationwide,” says Lloyd. GCOM strives to be a partner of the public sector in its evolution, harnessing the power of digital technologies and data to transform the business models of the government.

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Girish Bhatia, Founder & CEO and Mr. Chris Lloyd, VP of Business Development

GCOM is a business and technology consulting firm that provides a broad range of professional services designed to deliver cutting edge business and technology solutions for the public sector clients. Their diverse team of experts specializes in innovative solutions that assist the clients with their operations, engage their constituents, and improve operational excellence. Additionally, the enterprise maximizes agency technology investments by delivering tactical and strategic solutions that not only emphasize getting to go-live but also look ahead to the long term post-production support processes, procedures and organizational assets required to operate technology investments well into the future

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