GeoDecisions: Insight-Driven Decisions through Geo-Targeted Data

Brendan Wesdock, President
The massive proliferation of location-based data is pushing government agencies to reinvent their public safety, emergency, and utility services solutions. Location-based data leads to actionable decisions for government entities willing to embrace ever-evolving geospatial information systems (GIS), cloud technology, and analytics. As a trusted partner of the public sector for more than 30 years, GeoDecisions® is helping governmental entities in their mission to improve public service with accurate location-based data. GeoDecisions is involved at all levels of government from improving local government permit workflows, identifying the best route to take and best place to park a bicycle in cities, to tracking highly classified packages and assets for the military.

“GeoDecisions empowers clients with geospatial expertise and tools to track, analyze, notify, and manage location-based data—faster and smarter than ever before,” said Brendan Wesdock, MCP, GISP, President of GeoDecisions.

Leveraging cloud computing, which has emerged as the fulcrum of geospatial data, GeoDecisions offers cutting-edge Platform as a Service GeoQ to build its Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, including Track, Notify, and GeoPlan. The microservices architecture of GeoQ offers the flexibility to work with any cloud model—private, public, or hybrid—while critical data stays behind the organization’s firewall.

GeoDecisions has a long history of working with federal, state, regional, and local government agencies as well as commercial organizations across the U.S. At the state and regional level, GeoDecisions deploys custom applications, utilizing GeoWalkway a workflow framework, as well as GeoQ, to departments of transportation to enable the 511 transportation and traffic hotline system, ultimately improving the safety of our roadways. At the local level, GeoDecisions empowers community governments with two SaaS offerings—Notify and GeoPlan. Largely used by utilities, Notify is an advanced, high-speed alert notification system designed to deliver more than 150,000 voice, text, and/or email messages per hour. GeoPlan is a web-based software combining the power of geospatial data with other databases in one centralized software, saving local government time and money on complex administrative, planning, and infrastructure management processes.

GeoDecisions empowers clients with geospatial expertise and the tools to track, analyze, notify, and manage location-based data—faster and smarter than ever before

GeoDecisions creates solutions that enable the government to integrate, analyze and visualize its data. IRRIS, helps the military save the U.S. taxpayer $25-40 million annually through process improvement of the movement of goods; the reduction of incidents involving the movement of arms, ammunition, and explosives; and the ability to hold commercial carriers accountable. In another instance, the firm recently designed and deployed a web-based Traffic Information Repository (TIRe) mobile application for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to allow public and private users to electronically view, create, and share maps using desktop and mobile devices.

Adding to the abundant challenges in the public solution space, the loss of organizational knowledge with a large retiring population has created a knowledge gap in organizations. GeoDecisions addresses this gap by providing SaaS solutions that do not require substantial maintenance or institutional knowledge. Additionally, it provides agencies with staff augmentation to bridge the knowledge gap. “Our staff augmentation service has been a huge benefit to our clients, helping them avoid significant disruption to operations,” says Wesdock.

As a platinum partner with Esri®—the leading GIS provider—GeoDecisions leverages Esri’s platforms and services to offer innovative geospatial solutions to clients. GeoDecisions is always looking to expand its existing products and consulting services into new geographies and markets. Most importantly, GeoDecisions will continue to invest in its employees to maintain its competitive edge as a leading geospatial firm.


Camp Hill, PA

Brendan Wesdock, President

GeoDecisions is an information technology company specializing in geospatial solutions. They deliver strategic geographic information systems (GIS), information technology (IT), and intelligent transportation system (ITS) solutions and applications to empower defense, homeland security, transportation, state, county, municipal, and commercial clients to make smarter, more informed decisions. The enterprise’s foundation for success is based on the belief that the real power of GIS lies in the integration of diverse information technologies, data formats, and systems. GeoDecisions applies GIS to integrate separate and disparate data formats to offer enhanced reporting, visibility, and analysis capabilities. Their services include the design, development, and deployment of data repositories, GIS, and web-enabled information management systems