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Keith LeBeau, CEO
City maintenance is a serious business. Tasks such as cleaning, repairing, and refurbishing city structures, roadways, and other public areas, require dedicated staff, a robust tool to track and manage the work that needs to be, and responsible citizens. Yet a simple-to-use request management system that can help a county/city track service issues while providing citizens and other stakeholders with a tool to report issues directly, sounds too good to be true. The City of Beverly had thought just that, as it searched for years for an ideal service request management solution. In 2016, the city discovered QScend Technologies, and QAlert, its revolutionary citizen request management (CRM) system. Since then, QAlert has empowered Beverly to take citizen service to new heights. MyBeverly, the tool that the city developed with QScend, allows residents to report the issues they find in their neighborhoods and track them until they are resolved.

“QAlert is web-based software, an easy-to-use product that enhances citizen request services. QAlert offer multiple channels of engagement, such as social media, call centers, and web forms, that encourage maximum communication between constituents and their municipalities,” asserts Keith LeBeau, president of QScend Technologies.

The QAlert CRM system is a feature-rich offering that simplifies the service request process on two fronts; for the city officials and workers and for citizens. “Citizens can describe an issue, add an image, and hit submit using their city’s app on their smartphones. Requests are geocoded based on the device location and routed to city staff for review and resolution,” says LeBeau. Staff can view current requests, search for previous submissions to review a complete history of each issue’s resolution process, review and email knowledge base articles, and report on all the data in QAlert to improve processes, organize work schedules, and prepare better budgets.

In addition, managers can monitor staff workload at multiple levels, keeping staff accountable and service quality high.

QAlert offer multiple channels of engagement, such as social media, call centers, and web forms, that encourage maximum communication between constituents and their municipalities

They can assign requests to city workers who can then inspect their issues and proceed to fix them within a few days. When work is delayed, managers know through QAlert’s escalation process, which allows them to make sure no issue goes unresolved. As requests are addressed, staff can customize update messages to residents via email, phone, and text, through social media, and through the citizen web portal. Through a city’s mobile interface, or online portal,residents can monitor progress as their issues are resolved.

QScend has been delivering its valuable offerings since 1998. Its client base spans cities and counties with citizen population that ranges from 20,000 to 2,000,000. Since its inception, the company has strived to maintain its reputation of delivering a second-to-none product and providing top-notch customer service. If customers have a specific requirement or an idea that enriches the solution, QScend is quick to, incorporate the new features. Key QScend differentiators are that it makes a continuous effort to enhance QAlert with features and updates that improve effectiveness, efficiency, and transparency, and it offers outstanding educational services onsite, offsite, and online through QScend Academy.

With such an intuitive and powerful solution, LeBeau proudly states that QScend has had its most successful year to date. The firm’s growth and success have bolstered its spirit even more to continue to enhance and simplify the work life of its customers.

QScend Technologies

Waterbury, CT

Keith LeBeau, CEO

QScend Technologies, Inc. is the market leader in local and state government web-based technology. QScend was established in 1998 with its headquarters in Waterbury, Connecticut. Citizen's requests management software is used by hundreds of governmental bodies and call centers around the country to improve citizens ' services, enhance efficiency and efficiency, re-engineer processes and measure performance ; excellent support for daily assistance is included and available 24/7 for emergency aid. QScend strives to meet clients' requirements in all feasible ways. The organization is a favorite CRM/311 supplier in the United States