20 Most Promising Public Sector Solution Providers - 2015

20 Most Promising Public Sector Solution Providers - 2015

Public sector agencies across the world are yearning for a changeover from closed, top-down, and paper-based transactional models toward online, integrated digital offerings, encouraging a new kind of interaction between citizens and the state. Technology is at the core to facilitate this change. From big data to mobile and social media, the 21st century has ushered in a variety of innovative technologies that can help the government better serve their constituents.

These new technologies bring to the forefront a number of important questions: How to serve a population that is increasingly dependent on technology? How to use social and digital channels to interact with constituents? How to leverage the vast amount of data generated daily to better serve the public

The confluence of citizen demand for greater speed and more transparency in service delivery is being met with increased appetite within the public sector to deliver services in more innovative ways. This is happening through open technologies, diversity of delivery-agents including increased involvement of smaller companies, and more agile delivery practices to demonstrate meaningful progress earlier in a project’s lifecycle.

A distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, VCs, analysts and CIOReview editorial board has selected the top Public Sector Tech Solution Providers from over thousand companies. Companies featured here provide a look into how their solutions work in the real world, so that you can gain a comprehensive understanding of what technologies are available, which are right for you, and how they shape up against the competition.

We present to you CIOReview's "20 Most Promising Public Sector Solution Providers for Public Sector”

Top Public Sector Companies


Provides cloud-based civic engagement solutions for government.

Civic Resource Group International

An innovator in developing new digital products for the broad public sector.


Providing flexible, complete and yet easy-to-use document software solutions that are geared towards the new generation of users.


Empowers customer missions through innovative technology solutions.


Supplying high quality public safety software to public safety agencies.


Accelerates the government’s transition to a modern, integrated, sustainable enterprise by delivering software and services for program modernization, program administration, and program integrity.


Specializes in meeting Federal Government technology requirements with new, innovative solutions.


It designs, deploys, and manages enterprise IT solutions for the public sector.

Hdl Companies

Dedicated to providing accurate data, expert analysis and innovative software solutions that facilitate local government operations and decisions.

IGEL Technology

Provider of thin and zero clients, software thin clients and management software solutions.


Provides information technology, business consulting, geospatial and cloud advisory services for federal, state/local and tribal organizations


Provides a wide range of professional services that increase operational efficiency and effectiveness in the public sector.


Provides software for public works, offering solutions and support for hundreds of agencies and thousands of users nationwide.


Automates the entire hiring and performance evaluation process, including position requisition approval, automatic minimum qualification screening, test statistics and analysis, and EEO reporting


Provider of high-end mission support, consulting and technology solutions to the federal government in defense, intelligence, and civil markets

Spillman technologies

Specializes in integrated on-premises and cloud software solutions.


Developer of innovative solutions for public safety.

tyler technologies

Provider of end-to-end information management solutions and services for local governments


A global information technology and services firm that assists public sector organizations to thrive in present business environments by providing businessto- business technology aired with strong strategic planning


Provider of online public safety software