Top 20 Public Sector Solution Companies - 2019

Technology trends today can be simply defined as both elusive and ephemeral. However, it is equally important to note that these trends are integral to business and IT strategies, helping lay a strong foundation for innovation and growth. While diverse industries are placing their winning wager on the emerging trends, the story of the public sector is no different. Paving new avenues for pursuing strategic ambitions, public sector organizations are turning to technology to overhaul outdated systems and accelerate their own digital transformations.

From the cloud, analytics, and AI to blockchain and cognitive, government organizations are increasingly harnessing the power of the latest technologies for core modernization, cybersecurity, and digital experience. Forming the backbone of innovation, these technologies are driving transformational change for improving efficiency and productivity across core business processes and operations. Besides, DevOps continues to bring cost savings and increased productivity through automation, enabling a more agile methodology for the development process, while also eliminating siloes between departments to enhance collaboration. When it comes to embracing IoT, the rising number of smart city projects indicates the value of the technology and data collected from diverse devices being realized at all levels of public sector organizations. The top public sector solution providers are also bringing the benefits of e-service portals and mobile applications to keep up with the demands of tech-savvy customers.

Having realized that the public sector landscape is evolving rapidly, CIOReview has compiled a list of the 20 most promising public sector solution providers to guide the government agencies and companies to match up to the current trends and expectations in the industry. We hope this issue of the CIOReview helps you build the partnership you and your firm needs to foster technology-driven governance.

We present to you CIOReview’s “20 Most Promising Public Sector Solution Providers - 2019”

    Top 20 Public Sector Solution Companies

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    Advocates are a leading provider of governmental solutions for the public sector. Advocate was founded in 1995 and has proved to be a trustworthy advisor to the customers and government organizations nationally. Advocate's mission and purpose is more than just the sale of the company services and solutions. Advocate seeks to alter the life of people and serving groups. The highly qualified staff enables customers to achieve and deliver mission-critical results. Advocate delivers with Business Solutions, benefit with Health & Human Solutions and transform with Digital Solutions

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    Help governments manage all types of compliances: permitting, licensing, code compliance, freedom of information compliance, legal compliance and courts automation

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    GCOM pre-builds several such technical services by leveraging its prior project experiences and lessons and encapsulates them into microservices. While functionalities and business rules might vary with each customer, the underlying architecture for a service remains the same. “Since we have most functions previously built for another customer, we can modify them and plug them into another application, enabling a faster implementation as opposed to starting from scratch and taking exponential time,” adds Chris Lloyd, VP of GCOM Software

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    ICON was founded in 1984 and supported hundreds of agencies in six States with their software and services. The achievement of the company is still evaluated by the advances in the life of its customers. The customers include one-agency, multi-agency and state-wide alternatives. ICON's primary focus is on its staff and longevity for staff has established a winning atmosphere that gives outstanding importance to clients for companies and staff. The employees are unrivalled from administrative to growth assistance and everybody in between. Innovative techniques and products are continuously reviewed and tested to be the best for clients

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    With proven subject matter expertise of over 30 years in providing secure identification solutions, IIDS envisions to deliver a combination of process improvements and appropriate technologies, providing operational excellence for its clients in the public sector. The company understands how the public sector needs to become agile with the rapid evolution of technology, and to this end, IIDS helps the sector leverage the latest wireless communications, AIT, and the Internet of Things. Since 2005, IIDS has been recommending the best approaches, the optimal technologies, and the most trusted partners to meet any business needs

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    Matterhorn is a secure, private online dispute resolution (ODR) for courts, government agencies, and meditation centres. The organization's clients include districts, local authorities, traffic, families, circuits, criminal courts and more. Matterhorn can suit or streamline the current method of the customer and connect with the other devices lightweight. It allows a broad range of cases, including civil claims and domestic/family courts, tickets for traffic and civil offences and minor misdemeanours’, to settle warrants and complaints, to be dealt with at the Court, the office or mediation centre and also provides payment facilities. The judiciary and organizations of Matterhorn improve their access to justice and communities

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    All over a country, local authorities and governments are struggling to provide public facilities for flat or decreasing revenues. Pioneer Technology Group (PTG) is a proprietary developer of technology that addresses this challenge, delivers focused technology alternatives that enhance efficiency, enhance service, and cut cost across a broad range of public organizations. PTG offers advice in the field of communication, processing and governance of digital documentation. PTG provides technology alternatives that satisfy county and local government real-world requires across the country. PTG has expertise in system design and development, integration and implementation

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    QScend Technologies, Inc. is the market leader in local and state government web-based technology. QScend was established in 1998 with its headquarters in Waterbury, Connecticut. Citizen's requests management software is used by hundreds of governmental bodies and call centers around the country to improve citizens ' services, enhance efficiency and efficiency, re-engineer processes and measure performance ; excellent support for daily assistance is included and available 24/7 for emergency aid. QScend strives to meet clients' requirements in all feasible ways. The organization is a favorite CRM/311 supplier in the United States

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    Revize Software Systems helps public sector organizations redefine their websites and enhance overall user experience. The company's simple-to-use yet powerful solution enables clients to manage their online presence with unparalleled functionality and style. Having ranked as one of the 20 Most Promising Public Sector Solution Providers 2019, Revize offers web applications and content management solutions with a mission to enhance the communications of local municipalities and government organizations. In an attempt to make the websites interactive to the residents, Revize’s CMS enables the client to organize the information into categories and manage the content on the website

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    Provides high quality software that is intuitive and easy to use while allowing for integration with a variety of third party products such as Microsoft Office, Apex, Laserfiche, and ESRI

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    Offers local governments an innovative, fully customized website featuring secure payments and a comprehensive reporting solution

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    Tyler Technologies is a leading provider of end-to-end information management solutions and services to public sector entities including cities, counties, schools and other government bodies. These offerings enhance the public entities’ productivity, operations, and value delivered to the public. Established in 1966, the company’s innovative, fully-integrated software and services help local governments and school districts become more efficient, accessible, and responsive to the needs of the public. Tyler’s client base today includes more than 15,000 local government offices in all 50 states of the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, Australia, and other international locations

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    Accela offers SaaS solutions as a market-leading platform that empowers state and local governments to build prosperous communities attract and grow firms and protect citizens. Accela's SaaS products provide a level playing field for small and medium-Sized governments from planning, building, licensing and authorization, asset and service request management, financing and health care, and more. With the support of Microsoft Azure, Accela's open and flexible technology helps agencies today to meet specific needs while at the same time ensuring that they are prepared for any new or complex future challenges. Accela is based in San Ramon, California, with further offices worldwide

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    Altamira Technologies is a leading technology provider in the field of national safety open source. The organization provides defence engineering and analytical services, intelligence and home security to communities based in McLean, Virginia, Altamira. To solve complex issues of considerable significance to the country, Altamira concentrates on developing innovative solutions that take advantage of universal standards of architecture, data and security, while at the same time reducing costs of commitment through speed, collaboration and trust. Altamira delivers comprehensive analysis and technical solutions, informed by mission experts, researched and developed by state-of-the-art development teams from world-class scientists

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    Aurigo is an American tech company founded in 2003 to assist government agencies and owners of facilities in planning, delivering and maintaining their capital projects and assets safely and effectively. After helping customers in North America to use software to meet their planning and portfolio management requirements for close to 10 years, the organization has expanded the range of products to manage the entire building life cycle, including critical safety, quality, maintenance and operations processes. Aurigo Masterworks Cloud is award-winning software which is now the industry-leading solution to support significant capital, infrastructure and infrastructure investments, both public and private

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    Founded in 1993, Axon has been the leader in development in public security technology, formerly called TASER International. The oldest CEWs in the company depicted a revolution in less-lethal arms, offering police a better choice for more traditional kinds of power. More lately, the suite of goods linked to evidence management from body cameras has provided police officers with flexibility and versatility to function with greater clarity and effectiveness. Today, more than 18,000 CEWs are used by the organization worldwide, and more than 5,000 agencies are in use in other Axon product families

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    CentralSquare offers technology solutions which help to deliver vital security and administration services for over 7,500 public sector agencies to 3 of 4 U.S. and Canadian residents. CentralSquare is committed to creating a broader and more agile software platform on behalf of the public sector to help solve some of today's most pressing issues facing local governments. The mission of the organization is to create the broadest, most smart and agile software platform to build safe, intelligent communities. CentralSquare partner brings two key drivers to improve human lives, technology and government with over 7,500 public sector organizations in North America

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    DLT is the Premier Government Solutions Aggregator for technology companies that accelerate the development of the public sector. The mission of DLT is to speed up the growth of technology companies in the public sector. Established in 1991, DLT is enabling technology firms in the federal, state and local markets, education, utilities and healthcare to increase their public sector. DLT creates value for its technological partners, enabling customers in the public sector to make smarter technology choices, the leading government solutions aggregator. DLT offers access to a robust partners' network, a wide range of over 50 + in-house contract cars and dedicated channel and access services

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    JPMorgan Chase & Co

    JPMorgan Chase & Co

    JP Morgan has been doing first-class business in a first-class way for more than 200 years and is one of the oldest financial institutions in the United States. The organization, throughout its history, has been the major factor for businesses to grow and develop economies. JP Morgan works with customers worldwide to provide the best solutions and advice to meet customer needs worldwide. It operates in 150 countries and holds global leadership positions throughout our companies. The company has a unique squad of staff who work hard each day to do the correct thing for customers and the company

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    Mark43 is a contemporary platform designed for clients to work anywhere and empowers their company today and equips it for the future. The mission of Mark 43 is to empower communities and their authorities to use new technology to increase safety and quality of lives for everyone. The organization’s intuitive software offers first class cloud computing and data-driven government security perspectives which are developed by a team that share client’s dedication to serve and continually innovate so that their organization too can. The organization has offices in New York, Washington D.C., North Carolina, Los Angeles, and Toronto