Top 10 Public Sector Solutions Companies - 2022

The public sector is steadily securing its place among the earliest adopters of emerging technologies. From the implementation of the cloud to the utilization of cyber-AI for protecting public infrastructure, government organizations are increasingly investing in technologies that can facilitate seamless service delivery for citizens. These trends are driving the global public sector IT spending, which has reached approximately $565 billion in 2022, a five percent increase from 2021.

This growth is especially driven by the move of public sector agencies to facilitate 24/7 service delivery for the constituents. Among the technologies that are revamping the public sector, AI-powered chatbots are at the forefront. Federal, state, and local authorities are augmenting chatbots with natural language processing (NLP) to automate citizen support services. The NLP-powered chatbots can easily identify citizen problems by assessing queries and matching them with preset solutions, which are communicated instantly to the citizens.

To put the spotlight on such key developments in the industry, CIOReview illustrates how public sector agencies are leveraging the latest technologies to augment their various public service workflows and meet the requirements and expectations of the citizens. The edition features thought leadership articles from Yazdan T. Emrani, director of public works, City of Glendale, CA, Jonathan Behnke, CIO, City of San Diego, and Jeffrey M. Johnson, director, GIS information technology, Atlanta department of transportation (DOT), who shed light on the implementation of GIS and asset management solutions in the public sector, the impact of COVID-19 in accelerating public sector digital transformation, and the need for advanced GIS for smart transportation.

In this edition of CIOReview, we also bring to you the story of some of the most promising public sector solution providers that are facilitating unparalleled workflow optimizations for public sector officials and bringing enhanced support for citizens. In the list, RSI particularly stands out for its revenue processing solutions, empowering public agencies and offices to improve citizen services, increase operational efficiency, collect additional revenue, and maximize compliance. The list also comprises CivicPlus, the creator of technology solutions designed to foster positive and powerful civic experiences between residents and the local government. Expert-Nation, Imagenet, New in Blue, and PayIt are equally noteworthy, revolutionizing different aspects of the public sector workflow.

Through the following pages, we aim to shine a light on the innovative trends and latest developments in the public sector. We would like to know your thoughts.

    Top Public Sector Solutions Companies

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    RSI brings the competencies of cloud-native architecture, low-code/no-code application development, and artificial intelligence (AI) powered analytics into a single platform to revolutionize government revenue processing. Designed from the ground up for government revenue processing in the cloud, RSI’s platform brings unmatched operational efficiency, greater revenue collection speed, and compliance optimization for streamlining all the back end revenue tasks.

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    CivicPlus is a government technology company committed to powering and empowering local governments to efficiently operate, serve, and govern using innovative and integrated technology solutions that are purpose-built and supported by former municipal leaders and award-winning support teams.

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    Provides digital mailroom and virtual reject letter services, claims adjudication, contact center services, and digital workflow platforms.

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    Offers technology solutions for law enforcement agencies.

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    PayIt is a SaaS provider of digital government services and payments which simplifies doing business with government agencies by consolidating hundreds of services and payments into one connected experience for citizens.

  • 6 Global Expert Network Global Expert Network Global Expert Network, a Vietnam-era US Army Veteran-owned 3rd Generation Family Business, is a national and global leader in the provision of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Strategic Consulting. It offers various services, from engineering and scientific consulting to strategic corporate issue resolution to marketing and strategic planning.

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    120Water is a well-known resource for water projects around the country. Integrating cloud-based software and digital sample kits to assist in executing water safety, compliance, and wastewater monitoring programs, the digital water solution protects public health now and in the future.

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    Accela offers a comprehensive portfolio of cloud solutions trusted by governments worldwide to speed digital transformation, deliver critical services, and strengthen communities. Accela's government software solutions assist over 275 million individuals globally. The firm provides elegant, purpose-built solutions and the power of a platform, which gives consumers a consumer-like experience, exchanges data across departments, and assures world class security.

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    Federal Compass

    Federal Compass

    At Federal Compass, they are passionate about building new capabilities to challenge the current quo and provide better alternatives to today's outmoded federal contracting procedures. Federal Compass, founded on cutting-edge technology, is a comprehensive solution that solves contractors' most pressing demands.

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    FiscalNote is a global policy and market information technology, supplier. FiscalNote helps clients to manage policy, meet regulatory developments, and minimize global risk by integrating AI technology, actionable data, and expert and peer perspectives. FiscalNote has built technology that gives mission-critical insights and the means to implement them since 2013.